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In form, The Optic Glass of Humors takes inspiration from the Political Compass, a genre-defining tool in the study and teaching of politics.

For such a simple thing, The Optic Glass of Humors owes its existence to a wide range of institutions. The tool was developed during a Landhaus Fellowship at the Rachel Carson Center, by a PhD student member of the Bodies, Selves, and Material Culture Collective at the University of Manchester, who had the idea at a conference organised by the MedEnv Network, in medical and environmental humanities.

The banner image is built out of four pages of the Minerva Britanna which is hosted by the British Library, and generously provided under a public license.

The font used for the titles, is the Essays 1743 - Medium font, produced by John Stracke, and used under the Open Font License.

The border pattern on the left hand side of this page is edited from a geometric pattern generously provided by Freepik.